cheese wholesale dorset

All our pre-pac cheeses are pre-priced and are available in any quantity you require so you can mix and match as you wish.

We can also put your own specific price on the cheeses if you require. All that we ask if this is for at least 48 hours notice (between ordering and the delivery).

Barbour's Mellow cheddar  (200g. or 320g. fixed weight)
Barbour's Mature cheddar  (200g. or 320g. fixed weight)   
Crook and churn Creamy ‘everyday’ value cheddar   
Barbour's Extra-mature cheddar  (200g. or 320g. fixed weight)
Cave-aged cheddar 
Barbour's 1833 vintage cheddar (190g. fixed weight)
Coastal mature cheddar (360g. fixed weight)
milk wholesale dorset
Afterburn (with chillies)
Wensleydale and cranberries
West-country Brie
Fosseway fleece (sheep’s cheese from Somerset) 
English goats cheese (‘cheddar type’)
Chevre (Cut from a goats log)
Blue vinny  
Bleu d’Auvergne   
Grana Padano 
Parmesan Reggiano
Swiss Gruyere
Red Leicester  (200g. fixed weight)
Dorset Red   
Pendragon   (Buffalo cheese from Somerset)
Ossau Iraty  (Sheep's milk cheese from the Pyrenees)
Rachel - Goats cheese from Somerset
Roquefort  (100g. fixed weight)